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Are you tired of waiting on a fax to arrive from your customers or suppliers to confirm orders? With our Fax2Email service you will NEVER have to wait hours to receive those important confirmation faxes. With just one Geek Hosting Solution inbound fax number you can receive multiple faxes simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

No more paper file of hard-to-read faxes. Instead, you will have electronically stored fax documents at your fingertips whenever you need them. No need for that clunky fax machine or that expensive fax telephone line. With Fax2Email you will receive faxes electronically, not in paper form. Now you can store fax documents the same way you store and manage other files on your computer. Fax documents are delivered in an industry accepted format known as a tiff image or in PDF format.

Main Features:

Instant Setup!

Massive Savings

No Fax Machine Or Fax Line

High Quality Fax Documents

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Receive Simultaneous Faxes

No Special Software Required

Geek Hosting Solution Fax To Email Numbers

So let's see why you need a FREE Fax to Email Number ?

Join the 21st century with Geek Hosting Solution’s Free Fax to Email, 100% absolutely free fax number forever, a convenient, no hassle fax solution for personal use or business use.

Geek Hosting Solutions Instant Setup Feature

Instant Setup

With our Fax to Email service, you can enjoy our automated “instant setup” feature which will have your fax number ready before you click on “Apply” below!

Geek Hosting Solutions Massive Savings

Massive Savings

Save money on paper, toner and telephone costs. Fax2Email ensures a paperless environment as all your faxes are sent straight to your email address.

Geek Hosting Solutions

No Fax Machine Or Fax Line

Provides the facility of receiving faxes without a dedicated telephone or fax. There is no need for an extra telephone line for your fax machine or extra charges to receive faxes.

High Quality Fax Documents

Our Fax2Email converts incoming faxes into hi-res images which result in better quality faxes than when received on a normal fax machine

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Increased confidentiality as only you have access to your incoming faxes. As long as you can connect to your email, you will be able to receive your faxes.

No Special Software Required

There is no need for special software. Fax documents are delivered in an industry accepted format known as a tiff image, not as some proprietary format.

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