Dear Customers,

We are happy to announce that Windows Server 2016 is available now!

The upgrade from the 2012 server is packed with new features.


The Nano Server

Perhaps the most intriguing update is the introduction of ‘Tuca’, the Nano Server. This is a scaled down, purpose-built operating system designed to run modern cloud apps and act as a platform for containers. With fewer patches and updates, faster restarts, better resource utilisation and tighter security, it’s simply better and more efficient than Server Core of 2012. A streamlined Emergency Management Console also enables greater user control over networking configuration and makes deployment easier.


Container support

Containers offer a lightweight alternative to full virtualisation and allow applications to be packaged and moved with greater ease. After Microsoft partnered with open source project, Docker in 2014, containers were an inevitable addition to Windows Server 2016 and are another development with an eye on total cloud-based operations.


Additional layers of security

Windows Server 2016 includes built-in breach resistance which helps detect suspicious activity and thwarts attacks on your systems. Even if someone does find a way into your environment, increased security will limit the damage. The security upgrades include: the unique Shielded Virtual Machines feature, which will encrypt your VMs with BitLocker and ensure that they only run on approved hosts; Built-in Control Flow Guard which helps prevent corruption attacks and resists breaches; And a Windows Defender that’s been optimised for its server role.



Microsoft has been eyeing what’s called the ‘software data centre’ in an effort to bring down costs of private clouds. What began in Windows Server 2012 with the launch of Storage Spaces and Scale Out File Server, has seen major improvements in Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica. These provide virtualised storage that can easily be scaled.


Windows Server 2016 generally means a far smoother hosting experience and with an array of product options from Geek Hosting Solutions, hosting may never be easier.

Don't miss the opportunity, claim you server today !

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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